Electronic Statements

To utilize less paper and make things more convenient and secure for you, we have newly implemented 12 months archived statements.

By enrolling in this Electronic Statements Service, you will be notified about the arrival of your statement as soon as it is available from the Data Processor.

You will be able to view newsletters attached to statements, keep statements in the secure archive online in your account, and access them at any time free of charge.

To begin receiving your E-Statements electronically, follow the steps below to enroll into the E-Statements service:

  1. From the Online Banking site, locate Services on the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Options. The 'Service Options' screen displays.
  3. Click Service Enrollment. The 'Available Services' screen displays.
  4. Click E-Statements. The 'Services' screen displays. This screen has a description of the service, the member's current participation (enrolled or not enrolled), the available plan(s) and the current enrollment status.

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