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Authored By: USMFCU on 12/18/2019


You may know that being a member of USMFCU means that you have access to 30,000 ATMs and 5,000+ shared branches, but do you know how to take advantage of this great resource? We’ve compiled answers to questions that you might have so that you can use this benefit to its full advantage.


What is a shared branch?

Through our CO-OP network you have access to over 5,000 shared branches. At any of these shared branch locations you can walk right in and do your banking just as you would at our branch! That means that you can access your account, make deposits, withdraw, and check your balance with ease even if you’re far from our Warren or Hamtramck locations!


Do I need to pay a fee to use a CO-OP ATM?

All the CO-OP ATMs are surcharge-free. You don’t have to pay any extra fees to make withdrawals from them. Also, over 9,000 of them accept deposits! Many of the ATMs are housed within locations such as 7-Eleven’s or even other credit unions.


How can I find these Shared Branches or CO-OP ATMS that are close to me?

This is an easy one! Just visit https://co-opcreditunions.org/locator/ and enter the zip code most convenient for you. You’ll find multiple ATM and shared branches that are close to you. You could also text a zip code to 91989 or call 888-748-3266 to find a location using your phone. We strongly suggest that you see just how convenient this feature is for yourself! 

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