Commercial Vehicle Loans

We offer commercial vehicle loans at the credit union up to $49,999.00. Vehicle loans include:

  • New and used semi-trucks
  • Commercial vans or trailers.

A commercial vehicle loan can be taken out for a maximum term of 72 months.

If you need a loan for a commercial vehicle that is larger than $50,000.00, we have a partner that can help.

Commercial Alliance can finance vehicles or buildings that are over $50,000.00 at the credit union for our members. 

Please contact us for more information. 

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Auto Loans
Effective Date: Wednesday, October 20th, 2021
NameDown PaymentAPRTerm
New Car   2.25% Up to 72 months
Used Car (2015+)   2.75% Up to 60 months
Used Car (2013)   4.75% Up to 36 months
Semi-Truck - New 10% 5.00% Up to 72 months
Semi-Truck - Used 10% 6.00% Up to 72 months

*APR= Annual Percentage Rate

All Consumer Loans Special 0.26 basis points off with automatic transfer of payments.


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