Visa Platinum Credit Card & Visa Platinum Preferred Credit Card

Call us to find out the low interest rate on purchases and cash advances.

  • Earn points for shopping with Score Card Rewards
  • Earn Bonus Points for every net dollar you spend
  • Get travel and brand-name merchandise
  • Look in the Travel and Merchandise sections to look up the rewards
  • Go to Order Form and Rules section to redeem your Bonus Points for awards

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eZCard Info - Your Online Credit Card Portal

Access your credit card's account online, check history, view statements, and pay your balances using EZCard Info. Sign up for EZCard Info now.

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eZCard Customer Service (VISA online account login/password and technical issues): 866-604-0380

Credit Card Balance Transfer

What are you waiting for? Transfer your high balance credit cards and start saving today.

Balance Transfer Special - 0% for 12 months - 2% Balance Transfer fee - Adventure more, worry less, Transfer your Balance

  1. You must be a member of Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan Federal Credit Union with his or her own Savings Account. (newly-opened or existing). Apply Now
  2. To transfer your credit card balance from another financial institution, you need to have a USMFCU VISA Credit Card. Apply Now
  3. Have an existing USMFCU VISA Credit Card, but need to increase the credit card limit? Apply Now
  4. All set? Begin your balance transfer now.

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Let us help you build your credit!

teenagers-using credit card


Secured credit cards are great options for teens with no source of income. A secured credit card is a regular credit card with the exception that the applicant is required to make a security deposit to open their account. The deposit functions as collateral should the credit card user fail to make payments on their balance. For example, if you open up a secured credit card with a security deposit of $500, then your credit limit on the card is $500. A secured card is a good credit card for a teenager to build credit.

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