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USMFCU VISA Credit Card Update

A New Look, a New Rewards Program and a New Visa Card Processor! 

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  • If you have not activated your Visa credit card, please call: 800-290-7893   
  • If you didn't receive your visa - please call: 586-756-3300 option 5.

Online & Mobile Banking

Download USMFCU mobile app - click on your visa account - click on credit card details - here you will have an access to settings, credit card payment, documents, awards and credit card details for full visa credit card management.


Your new VISA card comes with a New Rewards Program.

  • 1 Point(s) earned for every $1 net dollar(s) in purchases.
  • Points expire every 60 months in the month in which they are earned.
  • Points can be redeemed for Merchandise, Travel, Gift Cards, Statement Credit, or Direct Deposit to USMFCU checking or savings account.

Fraud & Security

Due to the new VISA program our fraud department will need to learn member transactions habits. You may receive communication via SMS/Emails/Calls from VISA department asking to confirm purchase activity. Please respond so that we can best serve you.

This will happen in 3 step process:

  • SMS - click V for yes or F for no.
  • If not response after 5 minutes - email is sent.
  • If not response - we will call you during regular hours.
  • Call customer service if you didn't receive a call: 833-599-0051

Lost & Stolen

If you believe your VISA card have been lost or stolen, please call:

  • 855-293-2458 - Within USA
  • 206-352-4401 - International

New Payment Address

If paying by check, please, use this address:

Ukrainian Selfreliance Michigan Federal Credit Union

PO BOX 650789

Dallas, TX 75265-0789

Customer Service:

  • 833-599-0051

This is our new full customer service team available 24/7.

Important Information:

As life changes, let us know the best way we can reach you. Please call us: 586-756-3300 and update your phone number and email if they have changed.

Let us help you build your credit!

teenagers-using credit card


Secured credit cards are great options for teens with no source of income. A secured credit card is a regular credit card with the exception that the applicant is required to make a security deposit to open their account. The deposit functions as collateral should the credit card user fail to make payments on their balance. For example, if you open up a secured credit card with a security deposit of $500, then your credit limit on the card is $500. A secured card is a good credit card for a teenager to build credit.

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