Student Information

Before You Go To College:

Career Planning:
Career planning checklists, selecting a compatible career, options for experience and explore salaries.

Education Planning:
Education planning checklists, tests preparations (including SAT, ACT, GRE, etc), finding the rights school and how to apply.

Different Types of Students:
Were you home schooled? Are you an athlete? Find out why and how it matters.

What is your learning style? What type of student are you? Find out here and see what can be improved.

Financial Information:

Paying for school:
Checklists, student aid, Grants & Scholarships and calculators.

Applying for Financial Aid:
Get your Free, Online Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
If you do not submit a FAFSA, you will NOT be eligible to receive student aid.

Start Earning Savings Now:

Paying for college has never been easier. Buy your groceries. Shop online. Eat out at a restaurant. Get a new pair of jeans. Send flowers to a loved one. Open a FREE Upromise account, buy products and services from hundreds of contributing companies and these everyday activities can help pay off your student loan. See how it works.

Need Help Saving and Paying Your Loans?
College students and grads- learn to manage your money, student loans, budget and credit cards.

Budget Calculator:
Five simple steps to help you get your money in order.

Not Ready for College?

If your child is in elementary or middle school and is just starting to think about "what to be when I grow up," we have a special set of information and activities just for you and your son or daughter. Help them get excited about learning and the future. Choose your age group:

Elementary School
Jr. High/Middle School


Student Loans

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