USMFCU CEO Andre Vygnanski Shares His Tips For Productivity

Authored By: USMFCU on 2/26/2020


We are already two months into the new year. By this time your New Year resolutions may have come and gone or been harder to achieve than you expected. But none of that means that hope is lost. This may be the best time to reaffirm your goals and behaviors to make sure that you’re going to have the most productive year possible. During my time as the CEO of USMFCU, I’ve come across a lot of tips and tricks for maintaining productivity on the job. I’m happy to share these 4 easy tips for making 2020 your most productive year yet.

Know Yourself

You may be confused how knowing yourself will translate to being more productive in 2020, but I can’t stress this tip enough. Everybody approaches their work differently. Because of this, it’s important to know how you work in order to better structure your time and work more effectively. This means that if you know that you are sluggish first thing in the morning, you may be better off using that time to catch up on emails or reorganize your tasks. Jobs that are low difficulty that still need to be done are great to tackle during these times. Alternatively, if you get the most done at 1pm every day, you may want to save your most difficult tasks for this period of time so that you’re taking advantage of when you’re on top of your game. Either way, take the time to observe and analyze yourself so that you’re taking advantage of both your strengths and weaknesses.


As driven professionals, we often fall into the trap of overworking ourselves. While we may intuitively believe that working more and more will always lead to better results, sometimes overextending yourself will have the opposite effect. Not taking the time to rest can have disastrous effects on productivity, cognitive ability, and creativity as well as lead to burnout. Therefore, it’s important to organize your time and allot a good amount of time to sleep (at least 7 hours). Also, studies have shown that taking breaks actually increase your productivity so don’t forget them.

Involve your loved ones

Tell your family and friends about your goals and ask them to hold you accountable for them. Doing this has multiple benefits. First, explaining your goals to another person can help you make them more concrete and solid in your own mind. You may come up with new ways of going about them or come up with more goals just by explaining them to someone else. Secondly, the people that care about you want to see you succeed, therefore they’ll be willing to be the extra push that you need to make your plans a reality. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Keep Score

Don’t forget to track your productivity efforts as you work throughout the year. Make a spreadsheet or a word document, write down what you want to achieve, and document how your results have been so far. Revisit this document often (weekly or monthly) to make sure that you’re still on track. On another note, you can get even more detailed with this and tally your success at the end of each day. Were you able to get more done today than usual? Write that down and try to understand what’s been working for you. This will keep you focused and on the right track!


About the author:

Andre Vygnanski was born in Ternopil, Ukraine. He arrived in the US at 9 years old and graduated from Sterling Heights high school in 1999. Andre was always interested in business. So, after graduating from Oakland University with a Degree in Finance, he went on to work in the financial sector for over 15 years. He now lives in Macomb with his wife of 10 years and 2 daughters. Fun fact: He met his wife at our credit union!


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